They come from Hamburg, are designed in England and are the most beautiful floor puzzles in the world.
What makes them stand out is their special Scandinavian aesthetics and unparalleled quality.
We all know that when we have small children our house looks like a huge playground. With these carpets – floor puzzles there is no need to compromise on aesthetics. They are great!!!

They can be used not only for the children’s room but also for any other room in the house.


High quality, non-toxic EVA material, with thin film printing. Both the material and the printing have been tested to the highest standards of Europe and America in terms of material safety. No formaldehyde, no heavy metals, no phthalates. With CE certification.
The package includes 6 pieces 60 * 60 cm and 12 staples so that it does not look like a puzzle when assembled, but gives the feeling of a single carpet
Dimension of assembled puzzle 120 * 180. You can, however, connect the pieces according to your own needs
Carpet thickness 0.47 cm, thick enough not to bother the knees
Cleaning: With a drained soapy cloth, the surface is lightly brushed. It is not a product that resists rubbing and strong detergents. It is not cleaned with a mop. A vacuum cleaner can pass over it.
Placing furniture on it: Not suitable

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